Reverend Peter Popoff-A Journey to the Ecclesiastical Life

Peter Popoff is a Christian minister for more than 40 years and running. He is recognized to be the founder of Peter Popoff Ministries and People United for Christ where he recently delivered his message of healing, faith and hope in Indianapolis last June 10. For those who have are in need of healing will sure to get their comfort from the word of God through Rev. Popoff, who himself, has had life experiences at an early age. The Communists have been torturing Christians behind the Iron Curtain in East Berlin, and the young Popoff have witnessed all of these suffering and chaos. In fact, Peter Popoff himself and his father were victims of this.

Actually, Peter Popoff and his father were victims of oppression. Among the numerous) oppressed victims were Peter Popoff and his father. Rev. Popoff and his father managed to escape from Communism and immigrated to the United States in the year 1950. He received a strong calling from God that made him decide to join the ministry and help those in need who are suffering from the wrath of communism just like what he's been through. Today, thousands of faithful Christians around the world are happy for Peter's dedication, experience, and his trust in God to aid those in need. For many people, who have gone through unimaginable hardship and are searching for an answer somewhere, it is Peter Popoff who leads them to safety in God's comfort and in the healing hands of Jesus Christ. Rev. Popoff, wishing to give hope and faith to as many individuals as possible, started his television ministry in the early eighties. It is through this ministry that millions of people have sought for salvation as well as the life-changing, healing power of Christ. The main purpose and focus of Peter Popoff Ministries and Peter Popoff's mission is to bring closer the healing power of the Lord Jesus Christ to the hearts of the oppressed and those who are struggling in their lives. And Indianapolis has heard clearly the message from Popoff last June.